Business Analytics

A California packing house embarked on a modernizing project. The goal was to improve yield and profit through automation, process engineering, and technology investments. One of the larger tasks was migrating off a 20-year-old ERP system. The Packer surveyed the key fresh produce ERP system vendors and selected a new system.

During the ERP rollout, it was determined that the new ERP system requires customized reports that were not in the basic ERP report tool. The new ERP software covered most of the reports that key departmental stakeholders required but there were gaps.

InData analyzed the new ERP database to identify the same data fields in the new ERP system. Once InData located all the fields we started building all of the new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboards and reports by department. It was very important that every department lead had input on what information they needed to do their role efficiently.

InData bridged the gap between the technology department and the line of business managers. The result was a smooth transition to the new ERP system.