Harvesting Data To Transform The World’s Food System

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Cold Chain Management Software

The Cold Chain Management Software platform automates data logging and alerts as a product moves through the supply chain. View...

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Food Safety
Food Safety Software

The Food Safety Module can scale from a single site to hundreds of sites with ease.  Gain control of global...

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InData.Farm is an AgTech company that serves the fresh produce farming and post-harvest markets. InData harnesses data as a competitive advantage to help clients outperform the competition.  InData’s Greenhouse Management Software is revolutionizing indoor vertical farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Labor Management Software for post-harvest packing environments improves operational efficiency, food safety, and reduces waste.

Greenhouse Management Software

Improve the profitability of CEA with InData’s Enterprise Greenhouse Management Software. Covering all phases of indoor farming and greenhouse operations including seed, transplant, grow, harvest, scouting, food safety, and labor management data.

PTI Trace Software

Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Labels

InData’s PTI Trace is a food safety software solution that meets USDA and FDA requirements for Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) labels.Whether it is Walmart, Whole Foods, or Kroeger, the InData PTI Trace software will help you satisfy retailers Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) labeling requirements. Quickly enter and print pallet and daughter labels on standard label printers.

Replacing a PTI label software or opening a new packing facility, no problem! CLICK HERE to learn more about InData’s PTI software.

Labor Management Software

Labor Management Software
Productivity Summary Dashboard

The Labor Management Software gives Packers visibility into labor yield. Employee Productivity monitoring allows packer growers to monitor, correct, and improve employee productivity in real-time. Human capital productivity is hard to measure with human resources or supply chain tools. InData’s Intelligent IoT sensors and software support tracking employee productivity by the minute, hour, month, and year.

Managers can set predefined quotas for packing and shipping boxes. This gives managers the opportunity to provide quantifiable instant feedback to employees and contractors ultimately improving productivity and profit for the company.

Food Safety Software

The Food Safety Software allows automatic logging of important critical control points in the food supply chain. Comparing human input to automated data collected by InData IoT sensors. This gives business operations insight into business blind spots. The IoT Hub captures data from a portfolio of IoT sensors. 

Food Safety Module
Food Safety Software

IoT sensors allow amazing insight into un-monitored segments of your business. By collecting data in business blind spots, you can improve company performance.

Cold Chain Management Software

The Cold Chain Management software platform automates data logging and alerts as a product moves through the supply chain. View data trends by the hour, day, week, month, and year. Visualization tools allow you to see business blind spots that you were unaware of.

Cold Chain Management
Cold Chain Management

Ensure food safety and quality compliance with automated commercial refrigeration monitoring. InData’s Intelligent IoT sensors and software supports the refrigeration monitoring guidelines and requirements of all major foodservice regulating agencies

Hosted on Google Cloud, you can be assured of the best possible uptime and availability of valuable business data. Dashboards and reports provide you with insight into the grow, harvest, and post-harvest process.

What Clients Say

Trevor Terry
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Kentucky Fresh Harvest, LLC
Kentucky Fresh Harvest

“We selected the InData Greenhouse Management cloud software because of the software features and staff. InData’s Team listened and documented our requirements. They translated those requirements into new features that help us operate more efficiently. I definitely see InData as a partner, not a vendor.”

Brett Kirkpatrick
Brett Kirkpatrick
Fillmore Piru Citrus Association

“With’s Labor Management Software, we were able to increase packing house productivity by 30% with less staff. They gave us data and insight to make better staffing decisions.”

Jessica Hunter
Jessica Hunter
Vice President of Production
Del Rey Avocado Company, Inc.
Avocado Del Rey Company

“InData’s Labor Management Software gave me visibility into our Packing Teams performance. I tried several other methods to track and monitor packing labor. InData’s system is automated and accurate. ”