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Greenhouse Management Software
Use Case

Kentucky Fresh Harvest LLC set out to build a modern sustainable greenhouse farming business. A focus on growing delicious food while creating a sustainable process that conserves natural resources. The initial facility build was a 30-acres site in Standford, Kentucky. The pilot crop selected were cherry and grape snack tomatoes. Before they could start, KYFH had to review the market and select a Greenhouse Management Software partner. 

Kentucky Fresh Harvest, LLC – Greenhouse Management Software

KYFH selected the cloud-based Greenhouse Management software to track from seed to harvest. From the beginning, Kentucky Fresh Harvest knew to be a competitive farming operation they had to start out as a data driven company. InData’s cloud-platform had the features that allow for detailed data capture while balancing employee workload. Scouts are sent out to the different greenhouses to take samples of plants documenting quality. Tracking seed, tomato type, fertigation, and weight down to the row, zone makes the most detailed data set. The long-term benefit of capturing the data is have accurate yield predictions. Ultimately, all of this helps make faster business decisions.

Kentucky Fresh Harvest, LLC – Greenhouse Management

“We selected the InData Greenhouse Management cloud software because of the software features and staff. InData’s Team listened and documented our requirements. They translated those requirements into new features that help us operate more efficiently. I definitely see InData as a partner, not a vendor.”


Trevor Terry

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

About Indata is an AgTech company that serves the fresh produce farming and post-harvest markets. InData harnesses data as a competitive advantage to help clients outperform the competition.  InData’s Greenhouse Management Software is revolutionizing indoor vertical farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Our Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Labor Management Software for post-harvest packing environments improves operational efficiency, food safety, and reduces waste.

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