IoT PH Food Safety

Imagine you could take an important food safety data logging requirement and automate it. Your food line staff could focus only on corrective actions and stop wasting time checking in and manually logging data.

InData’s IoT wash tank PH sensor allows food processing facilities to automatically log important data for food safety records. The software and sensors provide customizable alerts both SMS and email.

The InData Alert feature will notify the appropriate person a corrective action is required. They can also log the corrective action once the task is completed. The system is cloud based and can quickly be installed.

InData provides onsite and remote professional services for installation of our IoT Sensors and Software.

Product highlights

  • PH monitoring sensor
  • PH range 0-14PH; resolution 0.01PH; Accuracy± 0.1 PH
  • Response time ≤ 5s; Stable time ≤ 60s 3.0kcl fillable liquid, electrode BNC
  • Working temperature – 10 °C~50 °C;
  • Working humidity 95% RH (PH electrode) PH standard curve R2 can reach 0.999
  • Cable length can be customized
  • Waterproof seal, high integration, small size, easy to carry, can be used outdoors
  • Cross-threshold report, plus periodic report which are customizable.

InData’s IoT Sensors allow amazing insight into unmonitored parts of your business. By collecting data in business blind spots you can improve company performance and increase profits. InData has developed IoT sensors and analytic software to create key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards customized for your specific business needs.