Greenhouse Management Software

Greenhouse Management

Improve the profitability of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) with InData’s Greenhouse Management Software. Covering all phases of indoor farming and greenhouse operations including seed, transplant, grow, harvest, scouting, food safety, chemical tracking, and labor management data.

Hosted on Google Cloud you can be assured of the best possible uptime and availability to valuable business data. Dashboards and reports provide you with insight into the grow, harvest, and post-harvest process.

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    Crop Harvest Tracking GreenhouseCrop Harvest Tracking FieldChemical and Pesticide TrackingProduce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Label printingPicking and Packing Labor ManagementScouting / Sampling Plant Health and Quality

    Track Harvest Weight

    InData’s Greenhouse Management Software will track each harvest with a unique ID. This allows the grower insight into many different aspects of the harvest including harvest weight by day, week, month, zone, row. can also track the productivity of your Harvest Team.

    Greenhouse Management
    Greenhouse Management Software Cloud

    Seed and Transplant Greenhouse Management Software Platform provides the critical tracking from seed to transplant. Analyzing data from different seed varieties and track grafting plants to make more educated business decisions rapidly.

    Chemicals and Pesticides

    Make it easier for your staff to capture all of the required regulatory data for chemicals and pesticides used in grow and post-harvest phase. Export the data into other leading Ag applications like FoodLogic and Equitable Food Initiative (EFI).

    Greenhouse Management Software Chemicals
    Greenhouse Labor Management Software

    Labor Management

    Achieve a consistent structured review process for an individual or team performance. Track lugs picked and the weight picked. Access employee harvest data by the hour, day, week, and/or monthly performance. InData’s Employee Productivity Monitoring module lets you observe, correct, and improve harvest productivity in real-time.

    Harvest Scout QR Codes

    Keep track of all of your harvest progress by using custom QR codes in the greenhouse and packing house. Track plant progress by zone. Easily identify and document disease, pests, and chemical usage by using QR codes.

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